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Executive Coaching Company

Executive Coaching Company

Our Executive Coaching Clients

Are you a senior executive in your company?

People rely on your skills, judgements and decisions and expect you to continually "perform"?

As a matter of routine, you are called upon to:

  • chair meetings
  • give presentations
  • develop people
  • define or implement strategy
  • handle crises
  • deal with the pressure

Not just this but you’re expected to be enthusiastic, charismatic, professional and even energetic.  And what about the rest of your life, family and friends and that all illusive work-life balance?

Fortunately, people like you aren't expected to go it alone. You might think you are superman (or superwoman), but even presidents and front-bench politicians have coaches, mentors and a support network. Many top business people have their own coaches, mentors or wise 'gurus'.

We offer: confidential, objective, non-judgemental business and executive coaching.

We specialise in Business Development, Leadership, Performance, Team and Relationship Issues, indeed anything where you need extra support, motivation, a sounding board and renewed focus.

Executive coaching will make a significant difference to how you feel and what you do.

Our clients

Primarily Chief Executives, Partners, Company Directors and Senior Executives & Business Leaders working in highly competitive, technical and healthcare environments.

By using our specialist knowledge, experience and by applying simple but powerful coaching and mentoring strategies, we are uniquely placed to deliver “amazing” results to those clients wanting to make significant and lasting change.

Whether working one to one or with teams you can expect deliverable, measurable results.

Perhaps you:

  • need help as a newly appointed executive (executive coaching)
  • want more focus on the business issues (business coaching)
  • would like help getting your life back in balance (life coaching)
  • could benefit from a confidential sounding board for those important decisions (mentoring)
  • would like to take your business to another level (business development coaching)

Call today for a confidential complimentary coaching session or just to find out more about what we can do for you – 0845 1668741

You’ll wonder why you ever waited.

We specialise in working with clients from: 

Training and Management Consultants

  • Famine or feast: Continued Business Development even when you are busy “on the job”
  • Relationship management: with your clients, trainers and suppliers
  • Building Strategic Alliances: to enhance and support your goals

Recruitment Agencies

  • Finding the best clients/candidates: Advertising vs. headhunting
  • Famine or feast: Continued Business Development even when you are busy recruiting
  • Alignment: Getting the team values aligned with company values and individual goals aligned with company goals
  • USP and Niche development: Maintaining a competitive advantage; relationship management; unique success strategies

Entrepreneurs at various stages of developing their business

  • Do you run your business or does your business run you?
  • Do you spend too much time working in your business rather than on your business?
  • Perhaps you started out with a great idea and part of that idea was the freedom of running your own business. Now the business is running your life, you’re working longer hours and for less money than you ever imagined and far less than your market worth. You’re not alone – this often happens in the first stages of growing a new business (in fact the majority of businesses don’t survive past the first 12 months).
  • Help is at hand – with your own personal business coach we’ll help you to transform your business and get the balance back in your life by helping you to focus on the issues that matter most, applying tried and tested methods for guaranteed business growth and profitability. 

Legal Sector

  • EQ rather than IQ – do you think too much rather than tuning into your intuition
  • Getting the most out of the team
  • Partnership vs Business culture
  • Change management
  • Leadership
  • Judging vs learning

“Too much to do – too little time?”

  • GP’s
  • Consultants
  • NHS managers
Coaching professionals

Women in business

  • Assertiveness versus aggression
  • Patronising male colleagues?
  • Working in a male dominated environment?
  • Looking the part


  • Got your degree?
  • Living back at home?
  • Not sure where to start?
  • Where’s the promising future you expected?

Our career change and career coaching programmes will help you to generate options, help you get the job you deserve.

We can we help you to take your career to the next level

You will clearly identify your direction and set goals to get you on the right track. Work smarter – not harder, take effective action and achieve greater levels of success.

Invest in your future! Arrange a complimentary career coaching session and take action today!


  West Midlands
Coventry and Warwickshire
Stratford upon Avon

Actually anywhere in the UK is acceptable if you opt for telephone coaching. Even when our clients are close they often prefer the focus offered by telephone coaching – try it – it really does work! We have even coached several clients from both Europe and the USA.

Call today for a confidential complimentary coaching session or just to find out more about what we can do for you – 0845 1668741


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