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Choose the level of coaching & mentoring to suit your needs:

Coaching is not intended to be a quick fix, although it can have a dramatic effect with lasting results. At ECCO we help our clients to optimise their success and enable sustainable change. Recognising that each client has different needs and time constraints, we offer a number of different coaching programmes.

ECCO Gold:
Sessions are conducted on a weekly basis over a three-month period. A programme of twelve sessions is agreed at the outset, which includes a complimentary review session.

Typical Clients:
You are prepared to invest in your own future and want to make lasting change to your life, business or career.  You may be looking to change career, start a new business or get back into full time employment. If you recognise a difference between where you are and where you want to be or between who you are and who you want to be, this programme is for you. Your coach will provide 100% support to you on your journey.

After the initial 12 sessions, you will be invited to take up a monthly retainer option providing continued coaching, either by telephone or in person (by arrangement and subject to our terms and conditions) as well as ECCO’s inspirational newsletter.

The benefits:
Increased personal awareness, the opportunity to explore values and current decision making drivers plus enhanced confidence and self esteem; additionally a career development plan, improved personal and business relationships, recognition of strengths and the ability to overcome self-limiting beliefs.

ECCO Platinum:
Coaching and mentoring is provided in the client’s office over a 6-month time frame. The coaching is aimed at enhancing performance, decision-making skills, change management and developing leadership qualities. Telephone and email support is provided between one to one sessions which are scheduled around the clients needs (usually monthly lasting a couple of hours).

Typical Clients:
Company Directors, Senior Executives & Business Leaders.

The benefits:
The vast majority of executives recognise that “it’s lonely at the top” and thus derive considerable benefit from a confidential coaching relationship. Clients affirm that coaching provides clarity of thought by focussing on results and has the added benefit of improved self-confidence, motivation and decision making. The ability to lead is an intuitive process requiring vision and self belief, coaching exposes and tames the gremlins, overcomes fear and challenges self-limiting behaviours.
“Prior to coaching, I thought the transition from Finance Director to CEO would be a difficult one. I was floundering and finding myself unable to lead effectively. With the support of a coach I am amazed at how easy it has been – I wish I’d done it sooner.”

ECCO Platinum Plus:
A 6-month executive coaching and mentoring programme providing a trusted sounding board and support at the highest level. Meetings take place either in the client’s office or at mutually agreed locations. The coaching is tailored to the individual, aimed at raising self awareness, clarifying aspirations, aligning corporate and personal values, enhancing performance, team development, change management and leadership. In order to assist in the process, a series of one to one 360 interviews will be conducted with up to six of the clients chosen colleagues / team. Coaching meetings will be at the frequency & duration required by the client & agreed with the coach, supported by telephone & email contact whenever needed.

Typical Clients:
Corporate Clients already at the top of their game who are looking for “something more.” Chief Executives, Partners, Company Directors and Business Leaders.

The benefits:
Enhanced personal & business performance, personal insight and the opportunity to challenge the way that things get done.

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