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Executive Coaching Company

Executive Coaching Company

“65% of our new business comes from client referrals”

What some of our clients have said about us…

"I was sceptical of the benefits of coaching both when I started. Christine came highly recommended so I decided to give it a go. At the time, I was having a number of personal difficulties. It may be a coincidence but most of the problems I had at the start have either disappeared or become less important. There is learning to be gained from coaching and this has helped me in my personal life."
Director - Financial Services Company

To have Christine as a coach is something very special. She takes you forward like a gentle stream, suddenly you are there, where you want to be."
Co-active Systems Coach

"Since coaching, I genuinely feel happier, more content and confident. My self awareness has improved together with my ability to understand others."
Regional Director - Independent Mortgage Company

"If all you want is simple answers to your questions then spend your time and money on something else; if you want the tools, direction and encouragement to work out meaningful answers for yourself then book some sessions with Christine."
Chief Executive, Regional Law Firm

 “When we first met Christine we were instantly drawn to her positive and enthusiastic personality.  Our company was at a crossroads - we needed help to move it forward to the next level of success.  Christine has been fundamental in the way our business has developed and grown over the last twelve months.  She has a unique talent of getting you to think ‘outside of the square’ and take action on those thought processes.  We are very grateful to Christine for heading us further down the road to success.”
Director, IT Training Company

“Chris combines a high level of perception of an individual’s strengths, limitations and motivations with good commercial and business sense, so the outcomes from her coaching have, for me, included both improved business processes, but most significantly, a shift in my underlying style and attitude which is delivering sustainable and continuing improvements in the way I operate.

I would recommend Chris for the professionalism and friendliness of her coaching style, and for the wealth of experience that she brings to bear, but, equally, for her commitment to the process.”
Managing Director, Executive Resourcing - UK

 “…Substantial commercial experience in her previous career underpins Chris’s professional approach to coaching in a highly effective combination… She is always infectiously energetic, interested, positive and optimistic.

Chris helped me examine my motivations and to explore the type of job that would bring me lasting satisfaction. Importantly, she helped me identify and deal with a serious and chronic self-limiting belief …. It is no coincidence that when my ideal job was advertised I applied, was interviewed rigorously and was appointed to the position. Chris helped me secure my self-belief, also providing an invaluable opportunity to rehearse and improve a presentation required for the interview process.

Chris is to be commended for her empathy, her flexibility in adapting to the approach appropriate for the occasion, her commercial nous and her listening skills. I have already recommended Chris to other people and intend to retain her support as a business coach. I am confident that you will find your association with her to be as beneficial as mine”.
Director, International Retail

“I have learnt to value and acknowledge all aspects of my personal and work life. I can now identify and build upon my strengths and it has given me the confidence and conviction to become effective in everything I choose to do. As a result I am happier and calmer”.
HR Manager, Housing Association 

“My husband and my children immediately noticed a difference in me. Later my team started to comment – they said I’d changed my whole outlook.  I developed a clarity and focus that resulted in the whole team supporting and contributing towards every decision. I seem to have tapped some inner power that had previously lain dormant. I intend to continue with the coaching – who knows what opportunities are still waiting for me  … I don’t want to miss a single one … my optimism and enthusiasm abound. Christine thank you so much for opening my eyes …”
Partner – Legal Sector

“Through talk and exercises tailored to my needs, Christine has helped me to gain a more positive outlook and has equipped me with the tools I need to sustain this positivity in the future. Coupled with the shift in attitude are the new practical skills that Christine has introduced which have enabled me to improve my decision-making, creativity and business approach.”
Sales Executive , Global Training Company

“Working with a coach has certainly made a huge difference to me as a person and has indeed helped me move forward with my business.  I was encouraged and supported in facing my obstacles, and as I worked through that process I began to find my own solutions.   

Coaching isn’t counselling.  It doesn’t offer quick fixes or indeed advise or repair…it actually helps you to face your challenges, understand them better and therefore see why they are holding you back and then identify the disciplines and skills needed to move forward.

To anyone who is not getting the satisfaction they desire from their career or business.  If they feel unsure of the next step forward or simply want to move to the next level – then business coaching would offer a great solution. It is without any hesitation whatsoever that I would personally recommend Christine Musson as that coach.  Chris works tirelessly with and for all her clients.  She is lady with years of senior level business skills and a strong background in dealing with people, sales and large corporations.  I felt her strength all the way through.  I was always aware of her belief in me, her desire for me to improve, and her total commitment to excellence.”   
Business Owner, Network Marketing

“Chris coached me to tackle my irrational fear of Cold Calling. I found her approach not only to be objective but highly beneficial. Within 20 minutes Chris had motivated me to tackle something I had been putting off for weeks. Within 10 minutes of completing the coaching session, I was making effective cold calls that provided immediate results. Chris’s skill lies in her ability to give you the wake up call you need and to set achievable objectives for your immediate development and success. Thank you Chris.”
Director, UK Training Organisation

“With reference to the Essential Selling Skills course, I would like to give my own personal recommendation for this course – it really will pay for itself in days if you put into action what you learn! For those of you with colleagues and team members, this is a great way of helping those around you improve as well – very powerful when you are all walking in the same direction.
I cannot recommend it highly enough!”

Business Owner, Network Marketing 

“As soon as I met Chris, I knew that she was someone I wanted to work with.  She gave an impression of strength, empathy, open mindedness and a passion for coaching.  During our coaching, she proved to be all of the above and more.  She was challenging, understanding, inspiring, knowledgeable, encouraging and enthusiastic.  I always had the utmost trust in Chris, both in her ability to coach, and in her integrity.  I was secure in the knowledge that she would believe in me 110%, even when I faltered”. 
Self – Employed, Coaching Services


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